Redux Team

Maggie Mills

Owner, Marketing & Events Director
Maggie and Griffin took their first hot yoga class together in Maryland. Now, many years later, they work together at Redux Yoga.  A career in advertising and marketing, combined with a love of yoga, made it a natural transition for Maggie to become Redux’s Director of Marketing and Events. You can find her in class, behind the front desk, or happily planing our next fun event.


Owner, Teacher

Founder/Owner of  Redux Yoga, Creator of the RX Yoga series, and 2010 International Yoga Champion. Read his story HERE

Shannon Caulk

Co-Owner, Teacher, Designer 

Shannon has been an integral part of the Redux Yoga community since day one. She designed the studio’s branding and website. She’s been studying posture alignment / sequencing for the past 16 months under Griffin. Shannon has traveled extensively with Griffin practicing yoga all over the world. In March she learned back bending and competition training with the world renowned Mary Jarvis. Shannon has assisted in posture clinics, master classes, and back bending workshops.

Shannon graduated the College of Charleston in May of 2017. Since graduation she’s been burning the midnight oil. While training to become the third ever certified RX teacher, and fostering dogs for Pet Helpers she launched her web & logo design business. Shannon is also a partner in the Charleston based marketing firm Black Book Marketing. Black Book

 Her class incorporates training from multiple disciplines for a practice that tones muscular structure and improves flexibility. Her instruction inspires and uplifts students. Our regular students love Shannon and you will too.

Jen Bearden

Bikram, RX
 Jen was selected after years of practice to train under Griffin Peddicord. Jen was a quick study and has mastered 26 & 2 instruction. She is currently completing her training in the classic 84 Asanas as popularized by Bishnu Ghosh and later Bikram Choudhury. Years of practice have made Jen an excellent teacher. Her classes are compassionate yet challenging. You will see her around the studio practicing and teaching every day. Jen is a mother of two and an excellent example of maintaining a yoga practice while balancing the demands of parenting and an illustrious photography business.


Hot Flow

Tony Beard discovered a passion for yoga in 2005 and refined his intensity in 2009 with the Bikram series. He completed his 200 hour teacher training at Corepower yoga in Chicago, IL. Due to his love of fitness, consistent training through Crossfit, personal power and Yin yoga practices, Tony is the teacher that all yogis schedule in their weekly practice.


Hot Power
Mason grew up in the Washington D.C. suburbs and moved to South Carolina to attend the College of Charleston, where he studied business administration and entrepreneurship. He discovered yoga when he was looking for new ways to train his body. His dedication and belief in the value of the practice led him to study at the teacher level at Charleston Power Yoga. “Making someone else feel good, even if for an hour is so fulfilling! I love teaching yoga and I never want to stop. My classes are designed to be powerful yet accessible to all!”


Sherry Donoho

Flow, Power, Bikram, Reiki

Sherry started her path in holistic health in 1995. She moved to Hawaii where she spent much of her time studying massage, Reiki, yoga, and meditation. After her studies at the Hawaiin island school of massage she received her LMT  (Licensed Massage Therapist) and is now a Reiki master trainer and serves as a dedicated ironman therapist.  Sherry returned to her native home Charleston, SC, where she is a yoga alliance member with a thriving a career as a holistic bodyworker. Her craft incorporates Reiki, qi gong, tai chi, and all limbs of yoga. As a leader in her field, with strong people skills, she brings a calming demeanor and energizing spirit to harmonize and balance a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Emily Book


Yoga became a regular practice for Emily in 2010 when she moved to Raleigh, NC to get her PhD in Mechanical Engineering. While she was studying she would run and practice hot yoga to keep her sanity. During her last year of her PhD she attended yoga teacher training to learn the tools to teach an effective and motivating 26+2 Hatha class in the tradition of Bishnu Ghosh made famous by Bikram Choudhury. She is a teacher graduate who has learned the historical, physical, energetic, and philosophical implications of yoga. This is where she found her true passion.

Since moving to Charleston, she completed a power vinyasa teacher training program from Charleston Power Yoga that is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste. She is working towards her goal of running a full or half marathon in all 50 states, which takes her to practice yoga in a variety of locations.

Micky Kerwick


Six years ago in NYC, Micky attended her first yoga class at the request of a friend who’d bought a Groupon. A former runner, gymnast & dancer, Micky aged into a serial athlete, willing to try any sweaty pursuit. She tried every studio the city had to offer, enjoying aspects of each, but it was yoga that challenged her physically & mentally – consistently reminding her that my body is an intuitive entity over her brain.

Now, as a teacher herself, Micky is passionate about sharing the possibility of this journey with her students. She understands yoga as a metaphor for life: there can be no separation between who we are on the mat & who we are off the mat.

Mary Jarvis


“Mary Jarvis is one of the most senior teachers in the Hot Yoga world. Her depth and breadth of knowledge have gained her a reputation for training world champion athletes as well as helping people use yoga asana to heal acute injuries. Her workshops are a creative exploration of techniques and postures. She will often use yogis she has trained to demonstrate setting up a foundation in a posture and then exploring that foundation as far as the mind can conceive. Mary is an engaging speaker and a knowledgeable teacher with over 30 years of experience.

Mary has been teaching and training with Bikram and his yoga for over 30 years and knows what it feels like to use this yoga to recover from Pain and Fat!

She is twice named “Who’s Who in Bikram Yoga” by Yoga Journal Magazine as one of the top three Bikram Teachers in the World. She is named Head Coach in the International Yoga Asana Championships and serves on the Board of Directors of USA Yoga Federation. Their goal is to introduce yoga to the Olympics and the Youth of the world. People come from all over the world to train with her at her school in San Francisco. She has trained 7 World Asana Yoga Champions and hundreds of European,American,Asian and Regional Champions from around the world.

Mary Jarvis has been a student of Bikram and teaching Bikram Style Yoga for 26 years. She is an excellent illustrator of technique and a boundless source of Yoga inspiration. As a survivor of a near fatal auto accident, Mary is living proof of the powers of Bikram Yoga.To relieve chronic pain from herniated discs in her spine, Mary practices this yoga daily rather than opting for surgery, Prednisone and pain killers. Steadfast in her belief in the power of this Yoga she tries to live life free of pain and express herself through Yoga with kindness, grace,and love.

“In January of 95, I came back to yoga wearing a neck brace and a back brace, weighing 159 pounds, barely able to move, in incredible 24 hour chronic pain, and very very depressed. I practiced this yoga every day for 2 years to avoid surgery, and demonstrated to my students that you can lose weight and heal yourself with this Bikram yoga practice”. This yoga is preventative medicine. A process by which the individual can reverse the effects of poor posture and chronic ailments. In a relatively short period of time with regular practice, the body WILL transform itself, gaining in strength, stamina and flexibility….and …You CAN change the shape of your body!”I know what it’s like to practice this yoga being 40 pounds overweight , in incredible pain, barely able to move… and I know how to get out of it.

There is not anything unique about me. Anyone and everyone can do what I have done. “There are 72 yoga schools in this country and Europe that were started by students who originally practiced with Mary at Global Yoga!”

Since moving to Charleston, she completed a power vinyasa teacher training program from Charleston Power Yoga that is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste. She is working towards her goal of running a full or half marathon in all 50 states, which takes her to practice yoga in a variety of locations.