Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us! If you have the questions others might too.

Where do I park?

Yes! We have a private parking lot with 14 spots, the entrance is on President Street. There is also available 2hr street parking on both President and Sprint Street. It is ok to double park and block others in as long as you are first to move your car when class is finished. 

Is yoga for me?

Yes! Yoga is for everyone and yoga can help everyone. Our classes are geared to be welcoming to people on their first day and those who’ve been practicing for years. Every teacher is held to the highest standard for professionalism and instruction quality.

Why HOT yoga?

The heat is not there to torture you. This isn’t “Yoga Hell” or “Yoga Bootcamp.” The heat works like a heating pad. Heat facilitates safe stretching and recovery. As we sweat, our bodies excretes all of the junk we pick up from our busy lives. Think of the heat as an assistant to your practice. The heated room helps your body warm up quickly so you more easily get into the postures. The heat also assists in caloric burn.

What do I need to bring?
  • yoga mat (available for rental $3 or purchase)
  • towel or yogitoes (included in a mat rental this is for the top of your yoga mat, additional towels are $2)
  • water (available for purchase $3 We recommend consuming water before & after class. See water FAQ for more info.)
  • yoga clothing (available for purchase Comfortable yoga clothing is suggested. See clothing FAQ for more info.)
  • payment method (We accept cash & credit.)
What about my existing health conditions?

Yoga has been proven to help a wide range of physical and mental ailments. When owner Griffin attended his first class he could barely walk. His arthritis, lyme disease, torn meniscus, and fractured bone marrow made is knee almost unusable. Before yoga, he was riddled with incessant pain every day. In three weeks time he no longer felt any pain and was able to ease off his NSAIDS and Cortisone shots.

People have used yoga for thousands of years to treat a variety of health issues. Before yoga became the cultural phenomena it is today, postures were prescribed for daily practice. Yoga has helped millions of people worldwide. We hope you give this all natural healing practice a chance to help you through whatever may plague  you.

What is yoga etiquette?
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before class (If it’s your first time you will need to fill out a waiver and purchase classes.).
  • Please leaves sock & shoes on the shelf (We want to keep the yoga room as clean as possible.).
  • Please refrain from talking during the yoga class (You may talk quietly in the yoga room before the class. Please be silent at the end of the class and exit quietly when the class has ended.).
  • Please only bring your yoga mat & towel into the room (We ask that leave purses, bags, hand towels, cell phones, pagers, smart watches, google glasses, tablets, e-readers, etc… in the locker room.).
  • Please stay for the duration of the class. If it’s not your first class and you have a particular need to leave early please discuss with the teacher beforehand (This is mainly for doctors on call.).
  • Please use the restrooms before class (You are not locked in the room and will not be scolded for leaving.).
What should I wear?

What you wear depends on your comfort level. You will notice the students who appear to be “regulars” wear yoga shorts/pants and yoga tops (sports bra style tops).

You may not be comfortable wearing small yoga clothing at first and that’s ok with us! As you practice and you notice your body change you may want to switch to smaller clothing. If you need to wear any clothing for religious/cultural reasons you are of course permitted to do so.

Clothing to avoid:

  • sweatshirts/sweatpants
  • thermal clothing
  • for men: t-shirts (No one will force you to remove your t-shirt but you will notice class will be a lot more comfortable without it.)
How much water should I consume & when?

You should hydrate before and after class. You will notice the regular students refrain from drinking water during class. Hydration is an important pillar of health and a good practice. We suggest drinking slightly more than the recommended daily intake of water for your age. You will sweat a lot during hot yoga. No one will ever antagonize you for drinking water during class. Regular students have discovered that hydrating before and after class is more effective than chugging water during class. Because yoga can be demanding it is best to avoid digestion during your practice. Drinking a lot of water during class can feel like eating a sandwich and going for a swim. Hydration is different for everyone and is something you will figure out in time. You don’t need fancy “hydrating elixirs” and please don’t use salt licks (Seriously someone was told this was a good idea!).

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