Class Styles

All classes are heated to 105 degrees with 35% humidity and last between 60 to 90 minutes. Subtable for all experience levels.

26 & 2

75 minutes

Also known as Bikram, 26 & 2 (26 asanas & 2 breathing exercises) offers a whole body exercise and therapeutic experience. There is no generic script in Redux’s 26 & 2 class. Some classes may feature music.


75 minutes

RX is a series created by Griffin Peddicord which incorporates the 26 Bikram style postures with additional postures put into a flow sequence. A total body workout and higher intensity class. All RX classes are alignment focused so you can  receive the optimal benefit of yoga therapy while enjoying an exhilarating workout.


60 minutes

RX Recharge is a slowed down RX series incorporating postures from the Bikram, Baptiste, and Ashtanga series. This class is beginner friendly but will also challenge experienced yoga practitioners. The series’s pace is geared for greater focus on alignment and muscle toning.

RX 60

60 minutes

RX 60 is a challenging posture-packed sixty minutes that is guaranteed to make you sweat. The series incorporates postures from multiple lineages and sneaks in upper body and abdominal conditioning. This class is your exercise one stop shop. 


60 minutes

A vinyasa style class. The first half of the class offer a high intensity workout with the second half slowing it down and stretching it out. Some classes may feature music. Flow is meant to be light and approachable for all levels.


60 minutes

A fun, calorie burning yoga class that doesn’t stick to the same sequence of poses, varies every class. High intensity class with a total body workout.


75-90 minutes

Suitable for all levels, the master class is a 26 & 2 or RX class that focuses on proper posture alignment with in-depth instruction. Great class for improving your practice and asking questions.


60 minutes

Each week features a different musical theme with backlights and lighter instruction. Class style varies between 26 & 2, flow, and Redux.



every week



burned in a 75 min RX class



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studio amenities

off street parking

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Locker rooms

we have men and women locker room with showers, shampoo and changing stalls


mat and towel rentals ($3) available for every class

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