Griffin’s Story

Griffin Peddidcord

2010 Yoga World Champion, Youngest ever Bikram certified teacher, College of Charleston Grad  and owner of Redux Yoga

              Griffin came to yoga in a place of pain. Arthritis, Lyme, and compounding injuries meant some days he couldn’t even walk. A friend challenged him to try his first class. At the end of class, Griffin was hooked. Within weeks the chronic pain disappeared.

                   A daily practice quickly turned into training six or more hours a day. His teachers in Maryland asked him to compete. After winning regionals the training intensified. Griffin was ready to leave for yoga asana competition in L.A. when the biggest blizzard in a decade hit the east coast. Every airport in a 300 mile radius was closed. Undaunted and determined, Griffin hopped in his jeep and drove through the night from Baltimore to catch a flight out of North Carolina. It was all worth it when he came home with the international champion title.

                Instead of attending prom and walking across the stage to receive his high school diploma, 17 year-old Griffin Peddicord attended The 9-week Bikram Teacher Training sponsored by Bikram Choudhury himself.

                  After teacher training Griffin, then the youngest Bikram Yoga teacher in the world, came under the mentorship of renowned senior teacher Mary Jarvis. Griffin traveled to San Francisco to teach at Global Yoga, one of the oldest Bikram Yoga schools in the world, where he learned to craft his yoga instruction under the close scrutiny of Jarvis. Griffin worked with Ms. Jarvis as part of the coaching staff at the International Yoga Asana championships.

               In college Griffin started his company Enhance Global with long time friend Jacob Tyree. After raising seed capital from friends and family the duo embarked on the exciting journey of crafting a mobile application that supported commerce in local communities. By allowing people to control with whom they interacted users can comfortably rent, buy, and sell items in a network of trusted acquaintances. Griffin also worked as COO for Geekin Radio until he sold his shares in April 2015 to focus on Dukana. In May of 2015 Griffin was selected by the White House to be one of the 30 global emerging entrepreneurs in the 2015 Global Entrepreneur Summit.


But how did he come to own Redux Yoga?


               When Griffin saw the Bikram studio where he had taught for five years had closed he was devastated. He understands how important regular practice is to students, and how the convenience of that specific location made it possible. After months of negotiation with the new owner of the 137 President Street location, Griffin was able to secure initial funding and bring hot yoga back to Charleston. Griffin, the teachers, and students all love being back in an improved studio, and being part of the vital and growing community of Cannonborough.