Redux Yoga is closed for now

We love our amazing yoga community and are so thankful to everyone who has been a part of the studio in the past two years.  Unfortunately, we had to close the doors at 137 President st but are hoping to re-open at a new location in the near future.  We apologize for the inconvenience and please check back here for future updates.  Pre-paid memberships will be honored at new location.

Welcome to Redux Yoga

Redux is for everyone. We all have a day one, we just hope yours will be with us. Our classes are all geared to be welcoming to people on their first day and to those who've been practicing for years. Every teacher is held to the highest standard for professionalism and instruction quality.



Griffin is the master for a reason - he is great at instructing, correcting, and making the class enjoyable sans any superior attitude. Everyone should take at least a handful of Griffin's classes because he will correct and help constantly. I know when I walk into Griffin's class that I'm there to learn and make myself better versus a thoughtless run-through of the class. I also loved that RX class I took recently. So freaking hard but it was awesome. More of those please! He's so great at making the studio a family and community, which is thoroughly appreciated by all members.

redux Client

Everything I do, I do better because of Bikram Yoga. It is a work in progress and that alone has taught me more about myself than I ever thought I knew ... It makes me really love me, makes me happy ... and gives me a great yoga butt. I can't do the postures 100% but that doesn't matter ... And that has taught me the most ... I am a work in progress and what I lack in strength, I gain in insight.


Redux Client

The staff at Redux Yoga have clearly spent time mastering their craft. The level of yoga instruction makes me feel comfortable claiming this is the best yoga studio in the world. The staff operates with utmost professionalism & compassion. There clearly is a focus on making everyone feel welcome and appreciated. This is how all yoga studios should operate. I've been to hundreds of yoga studios in my day, and I think I've found a home. I believe this team values the client experience over everything else. They go out of their way to provide compassionate instruction and offer encouragement to everyone's yoga journey. The studio and the facilities are impeccable.


Redux Client

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